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Recruitment agencies are 75% frustration and 25% commission. It’s sad, but (mostly) true.

Our Stats:

7 days to shortlist
AVG 4 profiles to review to fill a role
21 days to fill entry-director level
30 days to fill executive level
= 0% frustration

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Chances are...

You're tired of sifting through irrelevant resumes from recruitment agencies.

Benefit from our 96% fill ratio thanks to RedBeard’s content-led recruitment approach that attracts only the top 1% of the market. And even they’re being vetted three times before reaching your desk. Review an average of only 5 profiles to fill your role with RedBeard.

You’re disappointed with recruitment agencies taking up to 6 months to fill a role.

Say goodbye to the circus act of recruitment agencies juggling too many roles! Our Talent Advisors handle a max of 3 roles at a time, plus, we've automated everything those other guys do manually, filling your roles within 21 days after launch.

You’re fed up with recruitment agencies’ way of communication.

With RedBeard, you’ll enjoy regular in-person meetings, daily Slack updates, and well-analyzed candidates - not just CVs - presented through your ATS or our platform. No ghosting. Ever!

You’re frustrated dealing with different recruitment agencies for each market you're hiring in.

RedBeard has team members across North America, EMEA and APAC. To date, we’ve successfully placed candidates in 22 countries.

How it works.

1. Discovery Call

The aim of this 30-minute chat is to assess whether we’re a match, and for you to learn about our content-led approach. While other agencies focus purely on their own network, we will show you how we tap into everyone’s and pick the top 1%.

2. Onboarding

Meet your hiring team: Talent Advisor, Talent Scout, and Director. We'll have a thorough chat to align on the position and SLA. Spending 60 minutes together now will reduce iterations later on and is a crucial factor in filling roles with high success rates.

3. Go to Market

RedBeard will create content tailored to your role that effectively markets your company to job seekers through headhunting and other channels. Anonymized bullet-point job descriptions, often used by traditional agencies, have not worked in the past and will not work in the future.

4. Shortlist

Within 7 days, we'll send you a shortlist of 3-5 relevant candidates from 30 people screened. 95% of the candidates we present make it to the first interview round.

5. Communication & Slack

While we work on your role, you will meet with your hiring Squad weekly for 20-30 minutes. You will receive updates and feedback via Slack along the way.

6. Knowledge gap?

Our Insights Team provides current primary and secondary data to help you make informed hiring decisions through Notion articles, workshops, and Slack.

What Clients Say.

"Beware: RedBeard will make other recruitment agencies run out of candidates. This is recruitment in a new, connected world"