Bespoken Headhunting

RedBeard charges 30-50% less vs traditional agencies. Review the best three candidates within seven days. Guaranteed success.

We create your Employer Story

Go beyond a boring JD. RedBeard will ask you lots of questions to really understand you, the company and culture. This way you will attract the strongest candidates and ensure culture fit.

The hunt starts

RedBeard focuses on passive candidates. No online advertisements to not compete with your own recruitment process. If you find a candidate yourself, you don’t have to pay us a cent.

Shortlist - Emails are so yesterday

We will present you the best three candidates within seven days on an easy to use online platform. Each profile includes a detailed evaluation, reference checks and video.

Let us do the Account Management

We will guide you with interview scheduling and salary negotiation. As we’re not incentivised by a commission, we will not push you for the highest salary.

The fine print

Guaranteed saving, regardless of what position. Only pay once the candidate starts. 12 weeks guarantee, no questions asked.

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