10 Steps to Transform your LinkedIn

Updated: Nov 20, 2020

Our market research showed that CVs are overrated, a pain for applicants to update and for hiring managers to constantly review because of their length and inconsistency. Therefore, RedBeard talent has decided to get rid of CVs and utilise LinkedIn. LinkedIn is widely used as a job search application and professional networking tool. Many hiring managers use LinkedIn to review their potential candidate’s background. Which is why maintaining and polishing your Linkedin profile is the need of the hour. Find a guide on how to best update your LinkedIn yourself below or let a professional do it for you :)


  1. Click on the pen symbol on the right side ( above point A in picture)

2. Make sure that your Headline is either a catchy phrase or reflects your current position (point B)

3. Ensure that your Current Position is updated (point C)

4. Use your “Summary” section to describe your career objective (point D). For a sales position this  could sound like the following: “As a passionate and driven Sales professional with a Bachelor´s degree in Business Administration, I support buyers in finding a solution tailored to their needs  and wants. I am eager to support a company using  my strong communication, negotiation and strategy skills to grow their business.” And for every career objective, we always recommend to add: “I would love to learn more about your situation and how I can help”, just to give it a bit of a personal touch.  

5. Now you can either add (point E) or edit (point F) your last position(s)

 6. When adding or editing your positions, make sure that your Title (point G), Company (point H) and especially your dates “From & To” (point I) are correct. If you are still working at the same company and position, just tick the box “I currently work here”.

7. For your Description (point J), it is crucial that you first list your tasks and responsibilities (if you are unsure how to word them, maybe copy them from your job description) and then your key achievements. Everyone has key achievements and it’s your opportunity to stand out. A key achievement can vary from “received a written testimonial from a customer saying that XXX” to “received the employee of the year award because of XXX”. Be honest, creative and proud at the same time and never ever leave out key achievements. We recommend to include min 2 per position held.

8. Follow the above exercise for all your positions and feel free (not a must) to attach any kind of documents (e.g. press articles, testimonials, certificates) you want per position.

9. Next, update your Education and Volunteer Experience the same way by clicking the little pen symbol.

10. If you really want to shine, ask your former peers and manager for a recommendation by clicking on “Ask for a recommendation” (point K) (but not a must for working with RedBeard talent).

If you need any help in formulating your career objective (Summary) or especially Key Achievement points, please let us know and we are happy to help with brainstorming.

About RedBeard Talent 

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For Candidates:

We also work with professionals to showcase their best talents and skills through our transparent, one-on-one mentoring and fully tailored resources. We are so committed to helping you advance your career that our fastest candidate received a promotion within 3 months from Business Development Manager to Assistant Director of Sales & Marketing at the age of 22. 

More than anything, when we work with you, we take pride in providing an exceptional 6-star service that is transparent and meaningful to serve you.

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