2 Facts About the Future of Recruitment

Updated: Sep 26, 2020

The application and hiring process is ever evolving. Not too long ago, a person’s resume would make or break their ability to land a job. Today, resumes are gradually fading out and being replaced with many different hiring initiatives, including diversity hiring and using artificial intelligence to narrow down a list of candidates.

Fact 1:

No matter how unbiased human recruiters attempt to be, their decisions will always be slightly biased one way or the other. There is nothing that can remedy this issue, as human judgement is formed through our experiences. However, machines and computers do not share this same weakness. Since computers are purely fed data, the biases present in human decision making do not apply. These computers will be able to sift through thousands of applications and select qualified candidates through an algorithm, taking much of the burden of recruiting off the shoulders of human resources. The increased use of computers and algorithms in hiring is also expected to increase diversity in the workplace, and significantly reduce gender bias in hiring.

Fact 2:

The traditional resume will be history. While it is still used in hiring today, the resume as we know it will be phased out of the hiring process in the future. Instead, candidates will be judged on characteristics such as their skills, hobbies, passions, career interests, and competencies. Technology will play a large factor in this, analyzing video profiles and interviews for key words and phrases, as well as physiological factors like voice intonation, use of gestures, and smiling. As this technology becomes more widely adopted, more companies will be able to hire intelligently and find candidates whose personality and attitude match with the job, not just their resume.

The future of recruiting lies within technological improvements and platforms that will phase the resume out of existence, and use machine learning to identify the best possible candidates for a position. Hopefully these facts provide a bit of insight on how to approach recruitment in the ever evolving recruitment process!

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