3 Interview Questions You NEED To Be Asking Your Candidates

Updated: Sep 28, 2020

Are you a recruiter? If so, you know the importance of hiring qualified candidates that fit with your company culture. CEO’s and management from top companies around the world are prioritizing internal culture over all other company initiatives.

In today’s world, companies are loosening their restrictions on technical ability and emphasizing cultural fit more and more throughout the hiring process. In fact, the CEO of Zappos has been quoted as saying that they would be “willing to hire and fire based on those [company] values, regardless of their individual job performance”. If top companies from around the world are putting cultural fit at the top of their list, shouldn’t you as well?

Here are three questions you need to ask your candidates to ensure they have a strong cultural fit with your company.

Question 1: Teach me something you have taught yourself in the last 6 months

While technical ability and past experiences used to be looked at as the best indicator of a potential candidates success, recent research has suggested that two soft skills, curiosity and persistence, are what matters most when it comes to predicting success. Asking the candidate to talk about something that they have taught themselves allows the candidate an opportunity to display their prowess with these soft skills. A strong candidate will always be searching for new skills and ideas to learn, and have the persistence necessary to follow through on these tasks.

Question 2: Tell me about the project of which you are most proud

While this question may seem redundant as most of a candidate’s work experiences are already listed on their resume, it may reveal more about a candidate than you think. As a recruiter, you should pay specific attention to HOW a candidate answers this question, as their explanation will likely convey their key values and attitudes towards learning and work. For example, a high level of personal involvement in a project’s outcome is likely to show an attitude of ownership in the candidate.

Question 3: Outside of school and your career, what event(s) has helped shape who you are today?

Over the course of a person’s life, one will undoubtedly develop many different values and attitudes relating to the world around them. Often times, these will form through personal experiences and interactions rather than in the workplace. This question is especially valuable to recruiters as it forces the candidate to discuss personal experiences outside of the workplace, and reveals a candidate’s attitudes to life that otherwise may be overlooked.

🤔 How important do you think cultural fit is at a company? Let us know!

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