3 Reasons Your Company Should Consider Soft Skill Assessments

Updated: Sep 28, 2020

The number one problem recruiters have with the traditional interview format is that it is notoriously hard to screen for soft skills. In order to bridge this gap, companies like Koru and Pymetrics have created soft skill online assessments, where candidates participate in a 20 minute online activity that focuses around situational job related questions and online games. These games and questions help to measure soft skills such as grit, ownership, curiosity, polish, teamwork, rigor, and impact. If you feel like your company is struggling to identify these qualities in your applicants, consider these three reasons why you should consider soft skill assessments.

Reason 1

Online soft skill assessments enable companies to screen applicants at a much higher rate than ever before. Unlike traditional interviews, the recruiter does not actually need to be present in order to screen candidates. It also makes it easier to screen a much higher number of applicants, as the online assessment can be taken by any candidate at his or her own leisure. This allows recruiters to focus on analysing the data and subsequently interviewing the most qualified candidates.

Reason 2

Using soft skill assessments will also help to decrease any bias or favoritism in the hiring process. These platforms are built with filters that are designed to minimize gender and ethnicity biases that are unconsciously present when humans are evaluating candidates. By selecting candidates through unbiased data and machine learning, your company can increase its diversity and cultural fit.

Reason 3

The traditional interview format relies heavily upon a candidate’s school history and prestige, GPA, CV and resume, and past employer experience. However, these qualifications fail to display any sort of soft skills a candidate may possess, thus limiting hiring potential for your company. While the previously mentioned qualifications are still important to ensure basic fit, testing for soft skills will show a candidate’s true potential at a firm.

How does your company interview? Do you think soft skills are important? Let us know!

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