4 Reasons Why You Should Say No to Counteroffers

Updated: Sep 28, 2020

Found a new opportunity to advance your career? Sounds great! But then your current employer gave you a counteroffer as a last-ditch effort to urge you to stay. Will you accept it? Here are four reasons why we think you should not:

1. They’re not really concerned about your job satisfaction.

Do you know that it costs companies 213% more to acquire and train new employees? Cost is one of the biggest reasons why managers offer counteroffers. They’re more concerned about the company’s bottom line than your job satisfaction. And it’s only a matter of time until they found someone worthy enough to replace you.

2. Things will never be the same.

Trust is diminished once you’ve expressed disinterest in the company. Managers become wary of your commitment. This can affect your eligibility for future career development. Studies show that 80% of employees who accepted counteroffers end up leaving or getting fired in less than a year.

3. You’re potentially damaging your relationship with a potential employer.

Turning down an offer from a new employer will potentially damage your relationship with them. And if things will not work with your current employer, you might end up looking for a job elsewhere which is more stressful and risky. Statistics show that 50% of those who accepted counteroffers end up looking for another job in 2 months.

4. You don’t fit with the company.

Sometimes, money is not the reason why employees leave. Most of the time, you leave because you don’t fit with the company culture. Issues with the management and a toxic working environment are common reasons.

Receiving a counteroffer from your current employer sounds good. But, before you let your ego take over and celebrate your overnight increased worth, ask yourself these questions:


Does your current employer really value you as an employee? Do you think things will stay the same after accepting a counteroffer? Will your decision affect your relationship with a potential new employer? Do you love working for the company? And lastly… Is it worth it?

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