4 Steps to Finding the Perfect Career

Updated: Sep 28, 2020

Simply working any old job is never the goal. People generally want to enjoy the work they, yet millions of people around the world are unhappy in their current occupation. This stems not from the lack of opportunities available-- because they are abundant-- but from the lack of internal change. We are conditioned to choose the safest option, which may not be the best option long term. With these 4 steps, you can avoid these common mistakes and choose a job that genuinely makes you happy!

1. List Potential Options

The basis of this decision revolves around one person’s desires: YOU! You must know what you want from a career as well as what you don’t want. There are many tools out there to help organize your options from a hired career coach to free online courses and videos. The most important aspect is increasing your visibility and knowledge of your specific area(s) of interest. Doing this will drastically increase the number of career opportunities available to you.

2. Welcome Change...

Rarely do people end up working in the career they originally had in mind, and guess what-- it’s completely fine! You are not tied to your original area of study, and there are many ways to apply the skills you learned throughout your education.

3. ...But Be Reasonable

Choose career options that do not require very specific, highly technical skills that require additional education. Go through your list of options, and make sure each option is reasonably attainable with your skill set.

4. Remember, Patience is a Virtue

In an ideal world, you would follow all of these steps, and BAM! You have your perfect career. But this is real life, and that is not how things typically work. Most of us don’t begin our dream careers earning a large salary or immediately being promoted. It takes time. If you truly value the work you’re doing, the experience alone will be invaluable and pay off in due time.

Don’t settle. Never give up on your search for the perfect job!

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