5 Reasons to Counter that Counter Offer

Updated: Sep 28, 2020

Are you in the process of switching jobs? Has your firm offered to give you a raise and other benefits in a bid to get you to stay? More importantly, are you considering staying back?

If you are, BAD IDEA.

Never, ever accept that counter offer. Here’s 5 reasons why:

  1. Your boss might have an ulterior motive- Employee resignations can hurt a manager's record and the client relationship in such a competitive market. Or, maybe, he or she wants to keep you on long enough to find a replacement. Perhaps it’s their motive because it's cheaper to pay you a bit more than it is to recruit, hire, and train a new employee.

  2. You weren’t being paid your worth before - They needed you to be halfway out the door in order to give you a good salary. They weren’t paying you your worth, and what do you think will happen the next time you want a raise or a title change? Drastic measures shouldn’t need to be taken in order to get your company to treat you right. Read our blog about knowing your worth here .

  3. Your reasons to leave will not change - If you were happy with your pay at your current job and that wasn’t a driving factor for you in taking the leap with this new company, something else was. Something at your current position wasn’t working for you. Maybe it was the hours, or the work culture, or the commute. But there was some factor that made you consider job searching. If you accept your employer’s counteroffer and stay, even with the extras they’ve promised you, those other negative factors aren’t going to change.

  4. Change is always good - Sometimes shaking things up is exactly what your career needs. Perhaps your career is stagnant, perhaps you are finding yourself often bored, perhaps you don’t even remember what it feels like to be challenged at work. These are all reasons to move on from your current company, even if you’re content there. It’s like exercise: if you just work out the same muscle over and over again, eventually you will plateau and not see any results. Read our blog about why Saying 'Yes' Is The Best For You

  5. What about your new job offer? - If you have already accepted a job offer at a new company, you should take it.  By virtue of hiring you, that employer already has demonstrated a belief that you are valuable – and you haven't even had your first day yet. Your current employer, on the other hand, has begrudgingly offered you more money to get you to stay to suit their purposes. Also, leading on prospective employer – attending interviews, negotiating, accepting an offer, allowing the them to think the job has been filled – is a bad career strategy in general. Read our blog about negotiating new offers here .

If you’re confused about how to turn down the counter offer, here is a special tip from us- rehearse your resignation. Be extremely firm on your decision and brace yourself, because it is never an easy conversation. A polite and firm thing to say is, “I would like to thank you for this opportunity and I’ve learned a lot while I was here. I appreciate the growth that I’ve experienced, but I feel that it is my time to move on and I have made the final decision to do so.” You can read our blog on the Truth about Resignation to help you through the process.

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