7 Habits For Successful Recruiting

Are you having trouble landing your dream job despite sending out dozens of CVs and attending numerous interviews? Don’t worry, you are not alone. Recruiting is a very time-intensive process and can often seem as though your efforts are simply not paying off. One of the biggest mistakes job candidates make is simply not preparing enough for an interview. Most people think that a few minutes of basic research on the company will be sufficient to answer any question the interviewer might throw at them, but excelling at an interview requires so much more than that. We at RedBeard Talent have translated Covey’s Seven Habits of Highly Effective People into Seven Habits for a Successful Recruiting season.

Habit 1

Be Proactive: Be proactive in your preparation for your interview. Make sure to begin preparing at least a week in advance, if not earlier. This will ensure that your preparation schedule remains on track.

Habit 2

Begin with the End in Mind: Adequate preparation and a clearly defined objective for each meeting is your key to success. Imagine how the ideal outcome will look like and what the specific result will be.

Habit 3

Put First Things First: Keep information material simple and to a minimum. Recruiters will never want a Powerpoint presentation about you as a candidate, but they expect resumes, cover letters, and any additional requested material to be simple and professional. Remember you are initially meeting to build a sustainable relationship, so keep that in mind as you network.

Habit 4

Think Win/Win: Ask your interviewer about his or her satisfaction and current sacrifice points within the position and the company in general. Talk about previous conversations you’ve had on similar topics and what you hope will happen in the future. This way both parties gather valuable information.

Habit 5

Seek First to Understand, then to be Understood: Proactively meet your interviewer in his world. Listen to the information you have been given as a candidate, then take advantage of the opportunity to ask questions. This gives you the opportunity to find out more about his current situation, his core reason for working for the company, and what challenges he may face in the future. It’s more about understanding the interviewer and the position, not about what you have to say.

Habit 6

Synergize: Make the interview fun and interactive by brainstorming together what you could do and achieve if you were given this role. This approach will motivate your interviewer to create a lasting impression of you when ultimately choosing a candidate for the role.

Habit 7

Sharpen the Saw: Send your interviewer a short follow up email 2 or 3 days before the meeting. This clarifies the date and time of the meeting for both parties and also lets the interviewer know that you are prepared.

Let us know if you have any successful recruiting stories!

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