Are You a Good Culture Fit?

Updated: Sep 28, 2020

While putting food on the table is a priority, most of us would want to go to work to follow our passion and make an impact. Choosing a workplace where you fit culturally is important. After all, it’s a place where you spend a good portion of your day and life. So, better make the most out of it. Below are 10 things to consider when evaluating a culture fit. 1. Innovation Are routine tasks too boring? If you love playing with unconventional ideas, then a company with an INNOVATION culture suits you best. In these companies, everybody from top to bottom is encouraged to challenge the status quo. 2. Flexibility Companies with a WORK-LIFE BALANCE culture are champions of flexibility. They value your time and will not force you to clock in 9-to-5-hour days. 3. Communication Communication is paramount to success. It creates trust, fosters teamwork, and make everyone on the team more productive. 4. Clarity Your understanding of the company’s vision will influence your cultural fit. 5. Teamwork Job satisfaction ultimately boils down into two things --- (1) the quality of your job and (2) the quality of your relationships. Your cultural fit hinges on how you belong with your group. If you fit in nicely and is happy, then the job is for you. 6. Rewards Every company has its own rewards system in place. How do you want to be recognized? What rewards motivate you? Finding a company that makes you feel valued is important to cultural fit. 7. Ethics and values Learn what a company’s core values are and see if you relate to them. If you don’t relate closely to them, then chances are, you will not fit with that company’s culture. 8. Influence Does the company value your influence? Stronger employee commitments are forged as companies genuinely recognize the achievements and impact of their employees. 9. Collaboration What level of collaboration makes your more productive? Is it with a team? Or do you prefer working alone? Find a company culture that fits the working style you want. 10. Diversity Bringing in people from all kinds of backgrounds creates a more dynamic company culture. See if your personality and background fits in. Make sure that you are comfortable working with people of various backgrounds and personality types. You must take culture fit seriously as it relates to how happy you are with your work. By evaluating companies with these 10 factors, you are sure to find a work environment culture that feels like home in no time.

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