Dealing With Rejection the Correct Way

Rejection is something that comes our way quite often in a professional atmosphere. Whether it is applying for a particular position, or seeing your ideas get rejected at your workplace, it stings a little. Being rejected after a job interview can severely dent your confidence. Rejection, while not pleasant, can often be blown out of proportion and viewed as a sign of failure. It causes psychological strain and can impact other factors of your life if it is not dealt with correctly. Decoding the feeling is important in deciphering a solution to it.

Why does rejection sting us?

The main reason we are so affected by a rejection letter is the negativity that it brings up. As humans, we can be more impacted by negative events rather than positive or neutral events. This being the case, it can be easy to blow a job rejection out of proportion. There is a lot of pent-up frustration when we do not get a job we want (and are qualified enough for). A person who gets rejected from a job often experiences feelings of anxiety and inadequacy that are redundant to both, their mental health and continuing the job search.

How to deal with rejection?

Dealing with any feeling that causes pain is a process. But does not have to be a long-drawn process, especially because a lot of times, getting rejected by a certain employer might actually be good for you. In a competitive market where having all 10 out of the 10 job requirements (plus extra credentials) is the norm, rejection is extremely common. Creating a growth mindset that allows us to evaluate our rejection rather than wallow in the negativity is important and beneficial in the long run.

  1. Do not take the rejection personally. This is extremely important. Do not let it affect your self-worth.

  2. Try to gain feedback from your interviewer, in your follow-up email. There is a chance that you could be hired later on, if the interviewer is impressed by your willingness to receive feedback and learn from the experience.

  3. Re-evaluate and analyse your credentials. Is there a different and more innovative way to present your resume? Is there a better way to answer the technical questions you are confronted with? Look into such questions and try to come up with answers.

  4. Maintain your momentum. Do not wait for a potential employer’s emails for a very long time. A rejection from one place does not hurt so much when you have another interview lined up within a couple of days.

  5. Keep trying to look at the glass as half full. Stay positive. Job interviews are quite subjective, and another interviewer will definitely see your appeal as an applicant for that position.

  6. Narrow your job search. List out your criteria for a workplace, and research your potential employers, to see if you qualify for their job profiles.

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