5 Ways to Follow Up After an Interview

Updated: Sep 26, 2020

Finally, it is over! You nailed the interview. And now the waiting game begins. Will you make the cut? Or not? Here are some ways to follow up with your interviewer without sounding annoying.

1. ALWAYS say thank you!

Send a thank you email after the interview or the next day, at the latest. If you are interviewed by a panel, send each member a separate, customized message. Feel free to highlight the key points discussed in your interview, and finish with a call to action to talk soon.

2. Send over the required documents right away.

Another best practice is to send over requested documents right away. This could be a link to your extended portfolio, alternative references, other contracts, etc. You can also attach these documents in your thank you email.

3. Make a phone call or send a letter via postal service.

A handwritten note is a great reminder of your interest in the position you’re applying for. Handwritten letters are great for publishing industries. Phone calls, on the other hand, are best for customer support, sales, or other jobs that require phone skills.

4. Ask about the next steps

Be clear about the next steps after the interview. Use email or phone --- whatever you think is best. When your interviewer says, “If you don’t hear from me at the end of the week, call me on Monday,” take this seriously.

5. Connect with your employer and/or interviewer on LinkedIn

It’s now commonplace to connect with your employers via LinkedIn and other professional social media channels. Don’t use LinkedIn to bombard your interviewers with enquiries and follow-ups. Instead, share interesting content that both you and your interviewer are passionate about. Use LinkedIn to build relationships.

Continue making a good impression with your interviewer by following these best practices. Good luck!

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