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Updated: Sep 28, 2020

Average is over. Mediocrity is a death sentence. You must embrace the fact that for you to remain competitive, relevant and of value…you have no choice but to go the extra mile and exceed expectations at all times.” — Gary Ryan Blair

How many of you have attended an interview and then just awaited to hear from the company? I have but I learnt better along the way.

What happens after your interview is as important as what happens during your interview.

Let’s picture this- you finished your interview, shook hands with the interviewers and walked out of the venue. What’s next? Most of you think that the next step is for the company to get back to you promptly which would be great in an ideal world.

We go through a very restless phase of refreshing our inbox a million times and get annoyed with the deceiving notifications that turn out to be a random newsletter from maybe Zara (yes at that time, every other email is classified ‘Random’)! Not to miss the number of times we check our phones for missed calls and listen to every Voicemail diligently thinking it might be the recruiter.

Now there are steps in between that can swing the outcome your way and help you learn from the experience. What are they?

  1. Self assessment

It is tempting to jump on a call straight after and update your loved ones but before you do that. Take a moment and reflect upon what just transpired.

  • If you haven’t taken notes during the interview (highly recommend you do that), jot down valuable information and key takeaways.

  • Write down what went well and what didn’t so you can learn and grow from this experience.  Whilst the end goal is landing that job, it is important to enjoy the process for personal growth so you atleast get something out of that experience if not the job itself!

  • Write down what you liked about the company and what you didn't so you can refer to this if and when an offer is made to make a decision.

  • Make notes of your observation of the interviewers and anything that stood out to you. An ‘in person’ meeting conveys finer nuances about the person which Social Media fails to, so record the subtle signs and hints you picked up through their body language and voice modulation.

  • Anything you missed asking or mentioning so you can cover it off in the subsequent interview/conversation

2. Thank you note

It is very important that you follow-up almost immediately, worst case the same day but please don't leave it any longer.

I personally believe that every email should add value as all of us are inundated with emails on a daily basis. Remember that your email will be one among many others and you don't mean enough ‘just yet’ for them to take notice so make those couple of minutes worth their time.

Dont write an essay- keep it simple yet impactful. How do you want to leave them thinking? Reverse engineer your response based on that. Here is some inspiration:

  • Summarise your key takeaways

  • How you feel about the company and why you’re excited to join the company

  • Why your skillset will be a good fit for the role and benefit the company

  1. Connect with your Interviewers online

Now is the right time to send a LinkedIn request to your interviewers with a view to build a long term relationship as it may mean a job through them down the line if this one doesn't work out. Some tips:

  • Personalise your invite by including a note

Hi John

It was great meeting you today and thanks again for the opportunity to interview! I would love to connect with you professionally no matter where I end up. Hope our paths cross again in the future.

  • Share an article you brought up in your interview or any other material you came across in your interview which might benefit them

3. Turn to the Power of Visualisation

You went well prepared for the interview, gave it your best shot and followed the above post interview steps. What else do we need ? Maybe the rub of the green?

I am a firm believer that the universe listens when you put out a wish so I would visualise (depending on the next steps) the specifics such as:

I was invited to the second round of interview or received a call to let me know that they would like me to have me on board with a verbal offer of $$$$$$ + anything else you wish for. Visualise how you felt receiving the news and calling up your loved ones to share this exciting news.

In summary you need to go that extra mile and leave no stone unturned!

“To win big in life, the solution is simple. Go overboard…do everything you can to overwhelm, over-deliver and overcompensate, and you will overcome any obstacle that stands between you and the goal you desire. — Gary Ryan Blair

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