The (100% Transparent) Blueprint of a Recruiting Agency

Are you considering approaching a recruitment agency to elevate your job search process? But you're unsure because you don't exactly know how they work?

Here are all the questions you might have, answered by the founders of RedBeard Talent, with full transparency, as promised.

Q) How long have you been working with the companies you recruit for?

A) We have been closely associated with all these companies for at least 2 years, if not more.

Q) What sets RedBeard apart from other recruiters?

A) The most important question to be answered. Here's why you should choose RedBeard Talent over other recruiters:

  • We have streamlined processes and use smart technology, reducing the time it takes to fill a position by 50%. This is passed on as a monetary saving to our clients.

  • We said goodbye to Job Descriptions and introduced ‘Employer Stories’. At our kick off meeting with the client, we dig deeper into the companies culture, talk about every little aspect of the vacancy, speak to team members about the department itself. This way, we create an enticing story with details impossible to outline in a classic JD, ultimately attracting the best people.

  • RedBeard purely focuses on passive candidates. We don’t do any online job advertisements as mostly this has already been done by the client. If it would have worked, the client wouldn’t need us. Hence, no need to do it again. We rather pass this on as a monetary saving. Also, by focusing on passive candidates, we tap into a different pool of applicants, not clashing with our client's internal hiring strategy and effort

Q) Are there any recruiting trends that people should be aware of?

A) Definitely!

  • Given the COVID situation, some industries are adversely affected and some are thriving, people have shifted industries as some skills are transferable, for example one of our hotel sales candidates has taken up a short-term gig as a customer service manager with a retail chain.

  • The market is showing signs of recovery and there are relatively more jobs in comparison to April- May 2020.

Q) Are there any recruiting issues people should be aware of?

A) Yes, a few issues we can think of are:

  • With some mass redundancies, there is an oversupply of talent which means you should leave no stone unturned to stand out and secure that interview.

  • Organizations have lowered their salary budget knowing it is a buyers market and are even finding good talent within budget so if you’re actively looking, be flexible.

  • A hiring manager is also looking as versatility when it comes to hiring because COVID has demanded cross-training and up-skilling of the workforce across industries so if you offer skills in addition to what the job demands, it is a plus.

Q) How do you measure your client satisfaction and what is your most recent satisfaction score?

A) We send two surveys. One during the hunt and one at the end and take the customers NPS score, which currently is 10/10. We then check in with the candidates and clients on a quarterly basis. However, the best measurement for success is if a client comes back to you. In two years, everyone came back to us at least once.

Q) What happens if an employee leaves a position you helped them get hired for?

A) We reach out to our candidate to check in on them because nothing feels better than a chat.

We also offer free career counselling + interview training for jobs they plan to apply for + invitation to join a free mentoring program for L&D

Needless to say, we put them forward should we have appropriate roles on hand.

Q) What is the CV selection/vetting process?

A) We don’t work with CVs. Our market research showed that hiring managers don’t want to see CVs. We work with updated LinkedIn profiles, adding more value then the traditional CV. A deep analysis from our end and two applicant videos. One video gives an overview about the applicant outside of work and one video is about their work motivation.

Q) Do you expect your rates to be higher, lower or about the same as other agencies people may consider?

A) We are generally 30-50% less expensive than traditional agencies simply because we have our processes in place. We analysed where agencies lose a lot of time and why they are so bloody expensive. We then went out and made it better, ultimately helping our clients fill positions faster for fewer dollars. The vision is to arrive at a fixed fee dollar figure which is the same no matter for what position. We very transparently showcase our rates online, something unheard of in the recruitment agency world where everything is quite non-transparent.

If you have reached the end of this interview you are probably considering contacting us to avail our services or in case you have more questions, we are happy to help! Reach out via LinkedIn or Facebook! We would love to talk to you!

About RedBeard Talent 

Both leading industry brands such as Accor Hotels and OTA Insight as well as talent in APAC, EU and the US are working with us, and so should you. We’re your colleagues and mentors when it comes to recruitment and your career. Excited to break boundaries together?

For Employers:

Using our innovative approach with the latest smart technologies, we have achieved a 95% employee retention rate for our clients, 10 working days faster in filling positions than any traditional recruitment agency with 30% more in monetary savings, and accelerated work engagement significantly. 

For Candidates:

We also work with professionals to showcase their best talents and skills through our transparent, one-on-one mentoring and fully tailored resources. We are so committed to helping you advance your career that our fastest candidate received a promotion within 3 months from Business Development Manager to Assistant Director of Sales & Marketing at the age of 22. 

More than anything, when we work with you, we take pride in providing an exceptional 6-star service that is transparent and meaningful to serve you.

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