The Glass Half Full in Post Covid Work Life

Updated: Sep 28, 2020

Change is always a good thing but when that change takes the form of an unprecedented, inconvenient and highly infectious virus, it starts to seem more and more like a bane, than a boon. However, since change is also the only constant, I’m here to give you the glass half-full approach on why the changes to your work environment in a world after the onset of the corona virus are a good thing.

  1. Work From Home is here to stay- And that is a bad thing, how? You work from within the comfort of your own home. You occasionally see a co-worker’s pet pop into the frame during a conference call. Work attire is slowly becoming semi-formal or casual. These factors consciously and unconsciously affect your psyche, and give your brain the same sense of comfort you get when you’re at home, not work. This relieves some pressure you feel about your work, since so much of your attitude towards a task is influenced by the atmosphere in your workplace. Most firms have seen the advantage of the “WFH system” and have started giving many employees the choice to continue this style of work for as long as they want.

  2. Take things at your own pace- This aspect is definitely a win-win for every employee. Sure, deadlines unfortunately still exist, but you can tackle them at your own speed. The virtual workplace is a much more collaborative space with way more resources than an actual office. Meetings and important decisions can be taken at your convenience, instead of waiting and sending out a memo, booking the conference room and other exhaustive procedures.

  3. You see who your employers really are- Did they react to the change well? Did they take your mental health into consideration? Did they do their best to make the work environment as productive as possible in a good way? If your answer to these questions is no, it is time to reconsider if working with them is still a good idea. Re-evaluate your needs and ideals and see if they are met.

  4. Workplaces will become more social- If anything, this pandemic has reminded us of the importance of human connections. The workplace will become a far more social environment, not a “lock myself in the office” scenario. It will be designed to foster and promote interaction and community engagement—taking advantage of the times talent is collected in one place. Our humanity and connection are what separate us from robots. Nothing will take the place of those serendipitous interactions that often lead to creativity and innovation, and COVID-19 has made us appreciate those interactions more than ever.

  5. E Learning and Workshops are a blessing- E-learning is now front and center, and many organizations realize that upskilling and right-skilling are essential for innovation and strategic advantage. Many corporate learning programs involved in-person workshops and seminars. But post COVID-19, e-learning will become a bigger part of ongoing learning. In-person learning programs won’t go away, but they’ll be reserved for certain functions and certain populations within the company. Face-to-face learning will likely be just a small element of a learning curriculum. Ramping up their e-learning platforms, companies are moving quickly to ensure that their people are still building important skills and developing professionally.

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