Why Saying 'YES' is the Best For You

Updated: Sep 28, 2020

“If a window of opportunity appears, don't pull down the shade.” - Tom Peters We ‘meet’ an opportunity in more than one way in our day to day lives however our mind often says an assertive ‘NO’ to it. What’s your instinctive response when approached for a job? NEWS ALERT about Linkedin Inmails! When receiving an inmail message on LinkedIn for something you aren’t interested in, if you automatically decline it then you cut off all communication with that person from that moment. The below might just sound familiar in the professional context, either in the form of a mind chatter or externalisation of the thought when approached by a company/recruiter. There is no right or wrong way of dealing with being approached for a job, however I am just trying to challenge conventional thinking through this piece. Some food for thought below:

1) I am very happy in my current job and not looking for a change at the moment

Why is it necessary to be miserable in a job in order to explore an opportunity? When you’re unhappy in a job, you can get into a fight or flight mode which is a stress response for survival. When stressed it is highly likely that you take an impulsive decision to get an ‘out’ from the situation. Getting into the job market in that frame of mind can be challenging as job hunting is a project in itself from understanding the pulse of the market, updating your resume/Linkedin profile and applying for jobs. 60% of Australians feel that looking for a new job is a huge task and for good reason. Over a quarter (26%) of job seekers who are currently searching for a new job have been looking for three to six months (Source: Seek) When an opportunity comes knocking, entertain it! Find out more, make a new contact who can keep you updated on the job market and stay on the top of the recruiters minds increasing your probability of landing your ideal next role. Be that ‘Passive candidate’ throughout your career!

2) Now is not the right time for me 

“Most people miss great opportunities because of their misperception of time. Don’t wait! The time will never be just right.” -Stephen C. Hogan Our mind has very smart ways of tricking and helping us with excuses as soon as it realises that exploring an opportunity could mean getting out of the comfort zone. Comfort zone in terms of comfort in your current job, environment, colleagues or the fact that you have a job that pays your bills. Go deep and ask yourself why the time isn't right? Challenge the thinking to get to the root of it- often it is just an excuse. Please remember that having a conversation does not mean accepting a job offer, stop putting barriers between yourself and perhaps your dream job. Take that leap of faith into having a conversation! 3) What's the salary package on offer? I’d only make a move if it was significantly more money.

Would you be willing to pay more for a product without having enough information about it? It is no different for employers, they need to see what value they are getting to consider a higher salary than budgeted for. We have dealt with so many cases where candidates were made an offer of 35-40% higher than the budgeted package only because they sold themselves well and demonstrated ‘value for money’ (without meaning to commoditize). Don't put on an unrealistic price tag at the very beginning, realistic yes! (more to follow on this in the upcoming blogs). Go rock that interview and an enticing offer will follow!

4) I just accepted another offer

Needless to say a new job is euphoric and you wouldn't be in the frame of mind to engage in a conversation regarding a new opportunity. That said there is no harm in having a chat and building a connection which will come in handy down the track. I have rung my recruiter contacts for career advice, to get a pulse on the market for salary negotiations, help a colleague/friend with a job by referring them and of course for a job when I was on the lookout. While having that conversation, you can always mention that you have just taken up a new job and are keen to see how it pans out. That said if anything changes, you’d be sure to reach out? Chances are that you decide to quit the job within the probation period? 5) What’s the title? I am looking for a senior title.

Whilst everyone has a different driver and title can be one of them, it is an incomplete measure of success and quite deceptive. I have come across Country Heads being a one man show to Business Development Managers shouldering the responsibility of the entire team and managing a team. Let the title not be a barrier for entertaining that conversation because it could mean a great manager/mentor, plethora of opportunities to learn, more money, fantastic company culture and team environment and so much more which would impact your lifestyle more than a title would. In summary, I’d encourage each one to be more open and say ‘Yes’. Self-made billionaire Richard Branson lives by the motto, “Life is more interesting when you say yes!”

“Opportunity favours the bold.” - Richard Branson

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